Monday, March 16, 2009

Hello, Lovers.

A year and some change has come and gone since last I updated this blog and three years (how? how is that possible?) since I began.

The problem with being a professional blogger is personal blogging becomes an unexciting prospect. People who drive forklifts for a living rarely are expected to go home and wheel the Hyster around during their free time (a hyster is a brand of jack. Don't ask me how I know this).

So a quick update of my life in the past year:

The fibromyalgia was a misdiagnosis. I have psoriatic arthritis, which is being treated and is almost totally under control. That means I've been living pain-free for the better part of a year and thanks be to God (and Remicade)for that.

School is still puttering along. I'm more than halfway to graduating, thank goodness, but I've still got many a weary mile to go.

The past year I've lost my beloved grandfather; the one man I'll ever truly and unreservedly love, and two of my uncles. I presided over two of the funerals.

My younger brother had testicular cancer which spread into late stage II, but is in remission and aside from a bitchin' scar that zippers up his torso, the kid looks good.


Well, I've got a key to the building, and they want me to run for vestry next year which I may or may not do. I'm pretty damn burned out, to be completely honest.

I've started singing again in an organized choir. We'll have been together for a year in May. My journey from professional soprano to not singing at all, to folk tunes and back to professional soprano is a long and sweet story for another day, and one with not a small amount of romance, either.


Now that I'm moving away from other online distractions, I will try to give this a go one more time. I'll attempt to update once a week, probably more as Holy Weeks looms large and I need to vent/cry/brag/whatever.

A few housekeeping notes:

This time I am not interested in playing nice. I'm not interested in being in anyone's sandbox (worthy sandboxes though they may be) and I'm especially not interested in being kicked out of one because I don't play by the rules. This is my pony show and --since this is the last vestige of my life not hemmed in my social confines of niceness or gentility-- I plan on defending it until the end, and doing it, in the immortal words of The Chairman, My Way.

That doesn't mean that I won't BE nice; I'm a nice person, that's just how I roll, and I'm certainly not out to offend anybody. BUT I want to make it absolutely clear that Sunday! Sundae! Sunday! has a loving but strict "like it or lump it" policy, starting right now.

Anyone indulging in pearl-clutching outrage and shock is welcome to do so, but will be pointed to a collection of online vendors selling a variety of socks and hosiery, all suitable for following S3 protocol on pearl-clutching (see also: sock in it, putting a damn)
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