Friday, February 17, 2006

College then (the abbreviated version)

If you cast your memory back to that over-simplified To Do list, you'll see #3 was graduate college. That's right I never got around to graduating. Sure I got into college, a great college, all paid for and everything; but instead of gaining 15 pounds and losing my virginity to some no-neck guy in a North Face jacket-vest I decided to become really pretty spectacularly ill, and lose just about 4 years of my life. Brilliant, no?

Only thing was, I didn't actually realize I was sick until, oh, about two years into it. I just figured not being able to eat, throwing up several times a day, fainting a lot and not sleeping for nights on end was the way most people reacted to stress. Apparently not.

When my grandparents discovered I was sick, they decided that maybe I shouldn't be in college (where I hadn't been actually attending classes...whoopsie) but in, you know, a hospital. They moved me to Texas, I got well and that was about the end of my college career, until now.

This blog has been brought to you by a gown that just a liiiiittle too breezy in the back.


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