Thursday, March 23, 2006

Flashin' for Jesus

Y'all, I got totally owned in class today. (Own: verb. American slang. To win, to beat. To be a show off who thinks she's so great just because she knew what ember days are even though I totally knew what they were too but didn't say anything because "the days you write the Bishop" struck me as a sort of smart ass answer.)

So now I'm taking the Westminster Dictionary of Theological Terms and making flashcards out of all the words I don't know or tend to forget. I've gotten about half way through the A's, so if anyone asks about albs, Antioch, or the Analogy of Being I'm all over it!

this post is wearing an amice and an alb, standing at the altar, worrying about it's accidie and openly prefers the Alexandrian school to that of Antioch


Anonymous Connie said...

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