Thursday, March 02, 2006

Shortish thoughts on a longish absence

Y'all, I've been Sick. Not just sick, but Sick, as in Too Sick for Pancakes. Do you have any idea how sick I have to be to not eat simple carbs? Let me put it this way, when my internal organs pretty much stopped functioning for three years, I still had an English muffin and marmalade each morning for breakfast. Missing the Shrove Tuesday pancake supper was a big bummer. Instead I lassiez-ed les bon temps rouler by sitting in bed, drinking cough syrup and watching Duck Soup for the 200th time.
Would you like to know what I love about being Anglican? When I went into the Ash Wednesday service today with a cup of water to the inevitable coughing fits the lector said, "honey, we can get you a gin and tonic, just wave to the greeter"
Remember how I said driving past my church in ruffled panties and gogo boots perfectly illustrated the dichotomy of my life? Here's another one: ash-streaked forehead hidden behind blue-streaked bangs.
In 20 hours I will be in Las Vegas. I'd rather be in bed.

This post was brought to you on the rocks with a twist


Anonymous Connie said...

Get better soon, Rhiannon!

12:58 AM  

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