Monday, May 01, 2006

Church, home and the rest of it (a belated update)

The problem with writing about your life for a living is that your life doesn't always appeal to an audience. Recently I've lacked any inspiration. I've been sort of down recently, not depressed, just…pressed. Pressed for time, pressed for money, pressed for ideas. I'm like a panini in the bistro of life (that was bad on purpose), and it's wearing a little thin.


Church is great. I'm really hitting my stride as part of the parish and aside from flaking on my bookshop tour this Saturday, all is well. I officiated at Morning Prayer today and although there were only two of us, I think I did well. I give good liturgy if I do say so myself. The other night at dinner in the parish hall, this lovely couple came up to me as I was putting away my dishes to tell me how much they like it when I read the lessons. I told them I had good material and just sounded out the hard words. Still, it made my day.

I've got a party to plan for my confirmation group. I'm torn between doing it at a wonderful local pub --perfect for us Whiskeypalians-- or at the rector's house. Of course I'm worrying about this because not only is the rector invited, two retired deans of the seminary I just so happen want desperately to attend will be there as well. I just need a theme.

I'm being confirmed on the 7th in front of God, the bishop and everyone. Oh, except Michael. I haven't decided to ask him yet. Professor McGonigle will stand in my support which delights me to no end.

Also, we just elected a female bishop! I'm so pleased I could spit. Which I don't, because I'm a lady. I bet the folks in the Dallas/Ft Worth diocese are having fits because to my knowledge they don't even ordain women.


I had a bad week of missing Michael. I wish he'd just move to Germany. Or get hit by a bus. Or move to Germany AND get hit by a bus. Okay, I don't actually want him to get hit by a bus (actually I do, but I'm working on not wanting it) but it's hard. Here's a man who was my mentor and of course I fell in love with him because that's what girls do, and it just so happened that I perfectly matched some fantasy he had as a kid…well, it gets sordid from there on out, so never mind. Aside from all the sordid stuff, he was really good for my soul and formation.


See the first paragraph. Except leave out that panini bit and add a whole lot about how my cube mates don't play with me and I hate that I work in a cube. Also, paperwork.


Blogger RuthRE said...

*Love the blog title.
*Love your writing style (would hope since you do it for a living, right?)
*Pleased to see another fiesty young chick who's discerning ministry.

7:29 PM  

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