Monday, March 27, 2006

Offset printing and other sacramental wonders

There was a party for Young Adults at the Rector's house last night. I had a wonderful time. I cannot say enough good things about our rector David, his wonderful wife and their charming chilluns. He is exactly the sort of priest I want to be, and although I hope to have a smaller parish --our congregation is about 3000--he is just a delight, as a pastor and a person.

I was mildly (mildly = completely) freaked out about this shindig, because it was a very small sort of coming out. I'm a fairly new kid to the parish and I wanted to make sure everyone liked me and all that good stuff. Of course it went fine. Actually, I joked with my friend Craig that I was going to meet my future husband there. Not because I actually believed it, but because how cool would it be if I had said it and it actually turned out to be true?

Of course, I managed to escape un-betrothed --what can I say, it's a gift-- but it was wonderful to meet so many folks my age, including some fine gentleman of marriageable age who may **fingers crossed** actually be straight. The best part? When everyone had left except for Ms Ember Days and me I was telling some story about how on a tour of the newspaper, a kid asked me how offset printing works and I, not really knowing too well myself, struggled for an answer. David popped his head in from the kitchen and said "when you're in the church you can just say 'it's a mystery'"

This post was shot on film, burned onto an alloy plate, and hooked onto a printing cylinder next to some rubber stuff...I don't know what happened next


Anonymous Glen said...

Force working at a distance (that set Newton pondering);
The concept of the Divine working in the world (that sets humanity pondering);
Offset printing (about which you are pondering) all seem to be linked.
OK so maybe Newton IS a stretch but it is one of my favorite apple tales.
BUT God's technique and offset are bang-on congruent.
The plate is inked but never touches the paper — it touches the rubber roller and THAT puts text on the page.
God works the same way. (For Irony see: Printer's Devil)
We small frail folks are the Divine's agents here. He* touches us and we touch the world. It IS pretty miraculous stuff.

* Or She or It or They (Shakers are big on "Mother Father God")
No asterisks were harmed in the posting of this note. (O.K. one parenthesis was strained a mite.)

12:02 PM  

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