Monday, June 25, 2007

I Walk (and Draw) The Line

That is IT! NO. MORE. SHOES. I just bought my first pair of Blahniks and now I have all the nice shoes I need (well except for the perfect black pump)I am not going to buy any more investment shoes for a Very Long Time Indeed. I have my blush and my mocha python pumps I got while I was in London, I have my ridiculous show girl pumps that my friend Biscuit said came from "Fredericks of Bangkok" and now I have these Manolos. I am calling a ceasefire.

When I first saw them I whimpered a little. Then I discovered that there was only one pair left at and it turns out that one pair was in my IN MY GIGANTOR YETI SIZE. Then I discovered they were more than half off AND I had a coupon code.

You know I'm not one to use the Lord for my own sordid purposes, but friends, I'm pretty sure Jesus really wanted me to have these shooz.

Reminds me of this Harvey Nicks ad...looks like it'll be beans on toast (the Texas translation is breakfast tacos) for the next month for me.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

"GIGANTOR YETI SIZE" feet count as a blessing in an unstable world.
I'm thinkin' "Th' Wider th' Footprint, th' Firmer th' Stance, don't ya know.


3:02 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

hey ... those are gorgeous shoes... if I try to wear shoes like that, my feet whimper.

9:17 PM  

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