Monday, December 04, 2006

Bloody hell!

I can't decide whether I want to shout "Is this semester over yet?!" or "is this semester over already?!" but what I do know is that I've got quite a large paper due by Wednesday that isn't quite as completed as I'd like to be. In fact, some people might --not inaccurately-- describe it as not yet entirely begun.

For some strange reason I had it in my mind that final paper wouldn't be due until the end of December, a theory which didn't hold up to rigorous testing since I discovered on Friday the paper was to be turned in complete and unabridged on December 6th.

My good intentions to put a great and glorious dent in it this weekend also folded under societal pressures as I had to bake some cookies for my grandmother's bible study group and spend a lot of time addressing Christmas cards, thinking about how much I like advent and wondering what sort of hot rod I ought to buy if and when I ever come into a big wad of extra cash.


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