Friday, December 29, 2006

RevGals Friday Five: Dreams

1) a dream you remember from childhood
It was the summer of second grade and one of the hottest, muggiest Augusts on record. My room was so hot I would go down to the basement and fall asleep on the floor trying to press as much of my body against the cold green concrete floors. One night, I slept on the floor and had this amazing dream where I was on an ice floe that had been turned into a sort of party barge. There was snow everywhere, Snow in the flowerboxes, snow on the tables. My grandfather appeared, except he was a giant grey seal wearing an English sailor's cap and an orange and blue horizontally striped polo shirt stretched tight against his stomach. There were polar bears doing handstands and everyone was rejoicing. I woke up, in the words of Tennessee Williams from his movie Babydoll feeling "cool and comfortable for the first time in my life"

2) a recurring or significant dream
I was in my studio apartment downtown when all of the sudden, these two horrible people came in and started taking over my life, going through my possessions and generally taking up all the oxygen in the room. Apparently I thought they had some control over me, but then I put my foot down, told them both to get out of my home and what do you know? They did.

3) a nightmare
Oh just your run of the mill teeth-falling-out dreams. Since I lucid dream I'm fortunate enough to be able to put the kibosh on anything too scary before it even begins.

4) a favorite daydream
A perfect day in May of 9th grade I was sitting in English class while to the football coach read Romeo and Juliet aloud to us in his broad New York accent. I was humming to myself "Imagine me and you, I do…" as I watched the dust particles float in the light of the window. I know there must have been other people in the room, but I don't remember it, and my mind just floated off…I was in the same room in the 1973 and as I looked out I saw a girl about my age, dressed in bellbottoms, peace beads and John Lennon glasses walk across the quad. It was my mother. She had gone to the same high school I did, and must have looked out the same window. I guess I just dreamed a stitch in time, only I stitched backwards.

5) a dream for the New Year
I dream of an entire day without this stupid pain.


Blogger hipchickmamma said...

ooohhh, gotta love the teeth falling out dreams! i used to have them ALL the time! ick!

beautiful stitch in time dream, thanks for sharing it!

2:12 AM  
Blogger revabi said...

what a play. I like that too "teeth falling out dreams".

And what a great stitch in time dream.

Hope you can have the pain relieved for 2007.

12:25 PM  
Blogger SpiritMists said...

I am waaaaaay jealous of your ability to have lucid dreams. I haven't had them since I was a kid!

3:14 AM  

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