Thursday, July 12, 2007

Update in bullet format!

Much has been going on in Chateau Ste. Sundae.

*My grandfather in Nashville has been in the ICU for a week and a half now. He's getting much better, but still, bad scene.

*My uncle, who is a notorious druggie, has contracted FLESH EATING BACTERIA and it has moved from his arm into his chest cavity. I haven't seen him in years. Also, bad scene.

*It is distinctly possible that I got a D on my ethics midterm. This is not because I lack ethics, I've got ethics out the wazoo, but the professor had some tricky true or false questions and I screwed up at least two definitions. I'll find out Saturday.

*In other ethics news, I am fighting with my ethics group. I know I've got particularly stringent ethics and not everyone is willing to put aside their comfort for their own personal integrity (this isn't blowing my own horn, if I didn't live by my ethics, I'd hate myself so really I'm just avoiding discomfort).

*I turn 28 on Saturday, and in all the hubbub of work and school and this new blogging gig, I have not planned a single thing. LAST YEAR I had two bands, burlesque dancers and drink tickets. This year: bupkiss.

*Please pray for the Johnson family, and for my rector, who is almost certainly presiding over the funeral. I'll miss Lady Bird, she was a hell of a girl.


Blogger revabi said...

I am going backwards on your blog, and you have been under a lot of stress.
Sorry about your Uncle, and Grandfather. Prayers for them.

And sorry about the D. I didn't do well in Seminary grade wise on some subjects, I don't do tests well. And Ethics is always tricky. Hang in there.

And Happy Birthday. You are a busy girl.

6:15 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!!

You know that stuff you wrote in that place the other day when I was having a Very Bad Day? It really made me laugh and made me feel better. Thank you.

7:03 PM  
Blogger Diane said...

sorry to hear about your uncle and grandfather. prayers go out.
I've had awesome birthdays and nada birthdays, too.

7:01 AM  
Blogger DogBlogger said...

Happy birthday!

Sorry to hear about your uncle and grandfather... am praying for them now. And for all those who will miss Lady Bird. (And thank heaven for roadside Texas Bluebonnets.)

10:05 AM  

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