Saturday, March 24, 2007

It's all over now, baby blue

Sometimes, friendships have to end.
Tonight one ended for me.

It was strange. We had been best friends, boon companions, for five (or something) years although I can say I checked out of the relationship months ago. We just grew apart (there's a cliche for you). I came to the point where I needed a grown-up friend, and she needed someone who appreciated her and loved her as she is. We weren't getting that from each other. In fact I suspect we stayed together out of nostalgia.

My wish for her, one I hoped I could have seen come true while we were friends, was for her to find self-esteem. Now I think she's found some. Hopefully she'll be able to use it to find a person who can love her and accept her the way we both wished I could have. So she has her freedom.

And what do I have?

The knowledge that I gave a frightened girl who deserved something better than me the permission to go out and finally get it. Keeping someone in a cage, even if it's a pretty one they made themselves, is wrong.

And boy can it suck, being right.


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