Thursday, March 01, 2007

Update finally

I have a feeling that I'm going through one of those stupid growth periods where I get my butt handed to me on a daily basis just to keep me humble. I'm calling it a growth period because I'm an optimist and something good has to come out of this, because butt-handing for butt-handing's sake is a bit more than my delicate psyche can handle right now. I'm a fragile flower y'all.

School is taking its toll; I get very little sleep, twenty hours during the week maybe? All I know is now when I frown, my forehead wrinkles and when I unfrown, the wrinkles stay. Need to drink more water. Also need to drink more beer, but not as a form of wrinkle defense, it just sounds good right now.

Also, here's one for the books. I think I dislike of my professors, actually. From his nostril-singeing "sex panther" cologne to his self-impressed masturbatory post post-modern writing, this yahoo does the pachanga on each and every one of my nerves. He's a blowdried Fitzgerald, to my (less talented) Hemingway. Also, I suspect he pees sitting down.

On the work front, all is not quiet, in fact I have a feeling that red poppies may soon be growing over my workblog. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I haven't enjoyed the workblog in about a year for various reasons which discretion (what? I have discretion!) prevents me from relating, but I'd hate for it to go out like this.

Church life is in the doldrums and I feel that I am just muddling through. That's fine. I don't mind muddling. We Anglicans come from a great tradition of muddling (and I don't just mean the limes in our gin and tonics), but I've found myself getting a bit irritated with people whose schedules are freer than mine, not doing what they said they would. Welcome to the party, I suppose.

On the bright side:

My gorgeous '72 Caddy --after two weeks at the hotrod spa-- should be fit as a fiddle and ready for love next weekend. Yes, it's to the tune of $750, but for new brakes and a cleaned-out gas tank, I can't complain.

My Lenten discipline of doing one truly generous thing a day is going well, and I feel my soul embiggened all the time.

I am getting a 90 minute massage on Saturday and after that I plan on taking a nap and cleaning my apartment.

I'm back here again!


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