Friday, March 02, 2007

It's like driving the state of Connecticut

Ask me how glad I am to have Stella, my 1972 Cadillac Eldorado convertible back from the hotrod shop? Go ahead, ask. I'll tell you. I am SO GLAD. Like, Britney after she dumped K.Fed but before she did every other single stupid thing she's done in the past several months (not that I would know because I don't really follow that stuff, but I DO notice when someone doesn't have any hair. Can't slip that one by me, Brit!) glad. I could just spit with glee. I won't, because I'm a lady, but I COULD.

Anyway, I bought my gorgeous, sexy, make-out-with-tongues-able caddy a month or so ago, but because the stray family member might accidentally stumble upon this humble blog, I didn't say anything because I had not yet told my grandparents who --out of the loving kindess of their hearts-- have blessed me with a series of Volvo station wagons.

Well, now I've told Dada and his main concern is that we never tell my grandmother. Typically I would balk at this, but you know what? They've been married 60 years. Whatever they're doing works for them. Anyway, I can talk about Stella now, and so I shall!

Look at her. I defy you to describe this car and not use the phrase "land yacht"

Also? And this is a little joke for the Anglicans in the audience. It's our most common liturgical color! Let's hear it for Ordinary Time Green!


Blogger Pink Shoes said...

That's a wonderful car.... and we Lutherans would call it Ordinary Time Green, too -- you Anglicans don't have the corner on that (long) season! Thanks for sharing the picture (and the following story about your grandmama).

7:21 PM  

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