Friday, March 30, 2007

Le Parapluie de Austin, Texas

Rain is all well and good when you can stay home snuggling with your sweetie, watching old French movies and maybe breaking out the fondue pot because you're both in the mood for something Gallic, and you've got nothing left in your house but a chunk of gruyere, some bread that's on the verge of crouton-dom and a few not-quite-dead apples. Rain isn't even so bad when you're single and you can stay home, reading books in bed and napping on and off until you decide to wake up and accomplish some mundane task that's needed doing. But when you're stuck at work, and the paperwork is high as an elephant's eye and the only joy you have during your normal day --driving around during lunch with the top down-- is cruelly ripped away from you because it's been raining Noah-style for the past three weeks, well then rain is NOT okay.

It must be stopped.


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