Monday, April 09, 2007

Live Cheap Challenge

Today marks Day One of my Eastertide "Live Cheap Challenge" wherein I spend as little money as humanly possible in a noble attempt to not run out of dough on my top-secret pilgrimage to Canterbury at the end of the month.

That means tightening ye olde purse strings and actually eating at home once in a while which is just a big ole draggity drag. On the other hand, it affords me the chance to get my food shopping at my favorite Secret Shameful Shopping Spot: Big Lots.

Go ahead you judgey judgers. I have one word for you:


They're tiny little smoked fish, somewhere between herring and heaven, they're delicious and notoriously hard to find on a regular basis. In fact, they inspire such a cultish devotion that there is a real-life, no-foolin' Sprats Index online where sprat-lovers everywhere can report where they most recently found the sprats, when they bought them and how much they paid. There's the brilliance, too. They're only a dollar a tin and a tin --when paired with a few nice fat slices of black bread and maybe a beer, makes the finest stick-to-your-ribs, reasonably heart-healthy meal I can conjure in my sticky little brain.


Blogger Rachel's Big Dunk said...

In this neck of the woods we have Ocean State Job Lot, purveyor of all my favorite bottled and jarred concoctions for insanely cheap prices. Want capers by the pound. We got 'em. Need a big bottle of real roasted red peppers? Sure! Tuna in 100% extra virgin olive oil? Bags of pecan halves? San Marziano tomatoes? It's all there on a sporadic basis... which means when you see something, you buy ten.

Now I'll have to look for sprats. Dang.

2:21 PM  

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