Thursday, August 02, 2007


I'm here, no really I am AND I've got a ton of exciting news...none of which I can share quite yet, but let us say that things are looking very rosy in the blogosphere.

There's been a lot of face-peelingly tedious drama recently and I'd just as soon it go away. I know there are people who thrive on that sort of stuff, but I'm not one of them. It makes me tired and I always feel like I should be sitting in the back of the scene, dressed in a black cocktail dress, chain smoking and slugging bourbon from a hip flask. Of course I don't like bourbon and my only flask --a coffin-shaped sterling silver critter-- hasn't been used for years (besides, strapping that thing onto my thigh would totally ruin the line of my dress.

I've got a photo shoot with 666 Photography at the end of September. It's a 1920's concept so I'm trying to source some appropriate gear. I figure it's easier to come prepared and avoid any possible embarrassment with her not having the right sizes for me. I'm thinking a decadently fringed silk and velvet robe chinoise over a simple bias-cut (think Vionnet)black slip. It'll be interesting to see if the hairstylist will put me in pin curls or leave my ringlets, Clara Bow-style. Gayla builds all her own sets and is beyond brilliant, so I know the shots will turn out, but I'm still anxious. I'm also sitting for a local photographer sometime in the fall, but I've no idea what the concept is there, so fiddle dee dee. You'd think she'd find someone better than a tall round girl with crazy hair and a face like a cartoon, but there you have it.


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