Sunday, April 15, 2007

So Guinnesspresso?

A shot of espresso poured into Guinness just went from a brilliant idea to a Very Bad Idea Indeed. Headache, good Lord the Headache. Not hangover, not drunk, just very very dehydrating. Must go drink the swimming pool and go to bed.

Incidentally, I miss having a boyfriend. Not because I want to share my emotions or my life or blah blah blah (which by the way I do, but that's immaterial) but because I have a knot in my right shoulder the size of a cadillac eldorado and I can't reach to rub it out.

Speaking of Cadillac Eldorados, here's a pretty picture of Stella, and the Dutch Astrophysicist (L) and Hungover Mississippi Farm Boy (R) who "fixed" Stella. Cute huh?


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